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Neodymium Disc Magnets

Neodymium Disc Magnets

Neodymium disc magnets are most basic shape of Neodymium Rare earth magnets. They are mainly used in holding equipment. Some small neodymium disc magnets with lower energy are also used in auto speakers.


Magnets Grade Available:

1. Magnets N-(N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50), Max working Tempt 80°C;
2. Magnets M-(35M, 38M, 40M, 42M, 45M, 48M), Max working Tempt 100°C;
3. Magnets H-(35H, 38H, 40H, 42H, 45H), Max working Tempt 120°C;
4. Magnets SH-(30SH, 33SH, 35SH, 38SH, 40SH, 42SH), Max working Tempt 150°C;
5. Magnets UH-(28UH, 30UH, 33UH, 35UH, 38UH), Max working Tempt 180°C;
6. Magnets EH-(28EH, 30EH, 30EH, 33EH, 35EH) Max working Tempt 200°C;
7. Magnets AH-(30AH, 33AH) Max working Tempt 230°C.




Toys, packing, Phone, high performance motors, DC motors, magnetic separator, sensors, loudspeakers, home appliance, hardware holder, Magnetic tool Holdings, Receiver etc.

To require quotation for Neodymium disc magnets, please provide the following details: Diameter, Thickness, Magnets Grades, Magnets Coating, tolerance and magnetized direction.